The SACE comprises two stages which have been shaped into a holistic and dynamic learning experience at Marcellin. To achieve the SACE a student must gain 200 credits.

Each subject or course successfully completed earns 'credits' towards the SACE. Students receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject and from A+ to E for each Stage 2 subject.

The compulsory subjects make up 50 credits:

  • Personal Learning Plan 10 credits
  • English - literacy requirement - 20 credits
  • Mathematics - numeracy requirement - 10 credits
  • Research Project - 10 credits

Students also need to successfully complete 60 credits of Stage 2 subjects: and 90 credits from Stage 1 or 2 of the SACE.

Marcellin's SACE courses are designed to complement a student's vocational training, linking classroom learning with practical skills and knowledge. This enables students to finish their schooling with dual qualifications: their SACE, an internationally respected senior secondary education qualification; and vocational qualifications that are nationally recognised.

Together these two qualifications equip students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they need to progress to further learning and work as confident and responsible global citizens.
Each of the SACE subjects that students engage with at Marcellin are designed to promote employability skills and to gain workplace knowledge.

Students develop key skills in literacy and numeracy, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, flexibility, accessing and synthesising information, self-management, the ability to plan, organise and prioritise work and technical knowledge related to their vocational field.

For more information on the curriculum at Marcellin, see our Publications.